EN / Day 2 / 18:15 / Track 1

Yay, web performance! In this talk, Elizabeth and Ivan will take a deep dive into both theory and practice of Core Web Vitals:

  • what CWV are, why they matter and how to measure them;
  • how the Lighthouse score is calculated and what part CWV play in it;
  • and how to optimize Core Web Vitals in practice (with a case study of a real site).

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Elizabeth Sweeny
Elizabeth Sweeny

Elizabeth is a product manager on the Google Chrome Web Platform team, working to ensure that developers have all they need to create fantastic experiences on the web. Her portfolio includes products such as Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX), and web.dev. Elizabeth has a background in humanitarian technology, and she's delighted to be working on a platform that champions open access to information and utility for all.

Ivan Akulov
Ivan Akulov

Google Developer Expert in web technologies. Founder of PerfPerfPerf which helps other companies earn more money by making web applications faster. Acts on the stage and writes articles.

Invited Experts

Сергей Иванов
Sergey Ivanov

Frontend developer (JavaScript/TypeScript), mentor. Sergey is interested in software development in general and also shows interest in functional programming. Writes articles. Has his own Telegram channel. Not directly related to area 51.